STRAWBERRY MILK: Super Simple Series

The Super Simple Series aims to be super simple. That’s that.


Serious childhood cravings arise in multiple ways in my life. Songs randomly start in my head. Bopping ensues.

Sometimes, I remember something that I used to eat or drink when I was a kid and I must always scratch the itch as soon as possible.

Sometimes, though, that’s not necessarily a good thing. Take the other day, when I really felt like a big glass of strawberry milk. Red coloring, sugar, chemical flavorings – it’s an embarrassment of destruction to your body.

If you think about it, though, why the hell shouldn’t I make this myself? It’s pretty freaken simple: strawberry. milk. Like, duh.

The one variable here is how much sweetness you want. If you want it to resemble your childhood favorite, add in some honey or stevia. If, like me, you’re watching your sugar intake, KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid).


Strawberry Milk

Prep time: 1 minute

Makes 1 serving


  • 4 strawberries, green bits removed
  • 1 glass of non-dairy milk (unweetened vanilla almond milk, is what we use)
  • A touch of sweetener (honey, date paste, stevia, whatever!)

Method (and a touch of madness)

  • Stick everything in a blender. Drink.

 Guide for the ‘arians:

  • Flexitarian – good
  • Pescetarian – good
  • Omnivore – good
  • Vegan – good
  • Gluten free – good
  • Lactose free – good

Demolish it!


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